The Viennese zither is for many a joy to behold and hear. The following pages illustrate the programmes I am able to offer. For further details and individual requests please contact me per email. Cornelia Mayer

Konzert in Gödöllö / Ungarn 2012Konzert in Gödöllö / Ungarn 2012



Concert Programmes

• Classical concert music of the 19th and 20th Centuries
• Viennese songs and Heurigen music
• Film music from „The Third Man“
• VVariations and expansion of any of the above themes.


Length of Concerts

These vary according to individual programme request but generally 60 minutes without an interval or twice 40 minutes with a 15 minute intermission.
Short presentations 15 minutes.

Narration in Germany and/or English. Power point presentations by request.


Concert Themes for Public Performances

• Dispatches to the Devil: a classical Viennese concert programme for Solo zither.

• The magic of the Strings: Classical zither music – Heurigen music / Viennese songs – music from the film ‘The Third Man".

• Karas Fever: the zither music of Anton Karas. A presentation of the complete film score of "The Third Man" and further compositions by Anton Karas.

• From Vienna to Trieste – a musical railway journey. Passengers from the 19th Century are accompanied on their journey with suitable musically pieces.

• You played so beautifully again today: The zither music of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy; Hans Lanner - chamber zitherplayer.

• Viennes Songs and Heurigen music. Extracts from the wealth of the Viennese Repertoire. On request we can supply a singer or accompany you.

• Background music for celebrations/ festive events/ dinners/ Christmas/Birthdays

• Short presentations from the repertoire for special events such as Gala Dinners/ Open Day and Closing Day Events/Meetings/ Conferences.

Specials: Classical Concerts with a full orchestra. Theatre music, stage music, music for cinema and trips on Vienna’s Ferris Wheel.


Zither music for private events:

• Salon concerts for festive celebrations, Christmas, Wine Tastings, Birthdays, Weddings,...

• Background music for festivals, celebrations, family/friends events,...

• Table concerts as a surprise.

• Musical celebrations for exhibitions

For further details regarding concert themes and prices please contact me at:


Chamber Music/ Contemporary/ Arrangements/ Full Orchestra pieces

Accompanied with string instruments ( for example violin and zither, string quartet and zither, cello and zither, accordion and zither) Compositions from the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries.

Zither and song: classical Salon pieces, Heurigen Songs, Viennese Songs, as well as many other possibilities

Zither accompanied by a variety of other instrumnets. The zither is well suited to instruments throughout the world and can produce interesting sounds ( e.g. Koto, Oud)

Contemporary music is possible and the zither is frequently used by modern composers to expand the sound experience.
(Reinhard Süss, Sha, Katharina Klement, Astrid Spitznagel, Richard Graf and others)

Arrangements of Jazz-, Rock and Pop music hits and Evergreens can all be played on the zither.


Concert Repertoire with a Symphony Orchestra:

Johann Strauss: Tales from the Vienna Woods, Concert Waltz
Josef Strauss: Die Naßwalderin, Polka Mazur
Carl Michael Ziehrer: Gebirgskinder, Walzer
Franz Lehar: Grützner Walzer
and many more


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